theatre because of you. (yes you.)

Together, we have put inspiring work on stage for more than 40 years. Every time the curtain rises, you play a part and we applaud you . . .

Since 1995, we’ve shared these stories with more than 360,000 students for an “evening of theatre during the day.” Hours before you walk in the door, hundreds of teens pour into the theatre to become immersed in our creative process: learning stage combat techniques that take the lover’s quarrel in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to new heights of hilarity, or learning how to interpret musical theatre pieces in an Acting  a Song Workshop before seeing a performance of The Snow Queen. Professional productions of literary classic, followed by candid discussions with the artists bring history and social context to life for thousands of English Learners This unique contact with artists is our trademark and helps to educate and create the audience of tomorrow.

Your gift reaches into our community.

Because of you, a new generation of teens is leaving this theatre changed for the better. Because of you, audiences with disabilities can experience our work. Because of you, we can keep ticket prices as low as 99 cents to make sure all are welcome. Because of you, hundreds of local artists are at to keep our community vibrant.

Your gift makes this work possible.

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You bring new work to the stage.

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