What is behind PAIGE IN FULL?

An Artist Statement from Paige Hernandez

Paige Hernandez in Paige in Full.

“With PIF (Paige in Full), I aimed to create what I wanted to see on stage: a positive story from a woman of color that is both uplifting and insightful. The show needed to blur cultural lines with infectious music, choreography that moved the story forward, poems that defied structure, accessible emotion, and a strong narrative of love, pain, and triumph.

I wanted a story that would help to reclaim the positive energy that hip hop was once known to create. I wanted a story that was all at once international, and “around the way”. Lastly, I wanted a story for little girls of color. I want them to know that no matter where they fall in the rainbow, their voice is interesting, unique and needs to be heard.

I credit a lot of the show’s inspiration to my younger brother and collaborator, Nick tha 1da. He gave me a CD of his beats and my creative wheels started turning. The music inspired 20+ characters, 18 poems, 7 live music (DJ) sets and 8 dance routines.

Theater needs a jolt of fresh air. Its audience isn’t getting any younger and its topics can’t compete with social media, technology and the current racial climate. The hip hop experience has evolved from records to cassettes; cds, to ipods; and now to the stage. Enjoy the visual mix tape.”


Still image from Paige in Full.

Ticket prices $16-$30. Tickets are on sale at the Park Square Ticket Office, 20 W. Seventh Place, downtown Saint Paul, by phone: 651.291.7005, (12 noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday), or online at parksquaretheatre.org.   #PSTPaige


The box office is currently closed. Please email tickets@parksquaretheatre.org with any questions.

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