Virtual Radio Shows Saw Us Through

The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society (MORLS) had just begun their monthly residency with Park Square Theatre when the pandemic hit Minnesota. After three sold-out live performances, their final one on March 9, the group pivoted with lightning speed to entertain virtually for over a year.

From April 2020 through June 2021, the group produced 14 different shows including stories of spirits, explorers, scientists, monsters, detectives and more. With adaptations from literary classics, original works, and even a recreation of Orson Welles’ classic A Christmas Carol, the society seized the zeitgeist of the time and brought escape and entertainment throughout our days at home. Over 2,000 tickets were sold, and an average of 140 people would gather monthly to close their eyes and listen in to the “theatre of the mind!”

As Park Square transitions back to in person programs, the MORLS will be presenting a few shows on their own this summer before returning to Park Square in October of 2021! They will also be back for an outdoor show as part of Park Square’s soon to be announced outdoor summer performance series! Stay tuned!

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