Through the Eyes of Students

This past November, Park Square Theatre partnered with Katha Dance Theatre to present Shaamya: of Equality. Students from the Mounds View Area Learning Center visited the theatre and viewed a matinee performance. They were captivated by the production, giving a standing ovation at the end. 

Following their experience, the young people wrote their reflections on the performance. Here are some of the ideas they shared, demonstrating how connecting through the arts can broaden perspectives and bring people together:

“My favorite part of the performance was the way they tell their stories by dancing. A message I would take is to not be afraid to show my culture…”

“…The message I took away was ‘we all live together and all our lives are intertwined and yet we are still disconnected’. I think they just wanted to say that we need to come together as people…”

“…you can tell that there’s a message through the movement. It’s a very significant play/act…I absolutely loved it, and honored to be the first to see a beautiful art.”


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