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When I first heard about Other Tiger Productions, what I admired most was its intention to cross cultural lines to create a multi-talented, inclusive organization.  In a world where inclusivity often means permission for a seat at the dominant table, Other Tiger Productions proactively built an already diverse table of its own.

What surprised me as I read my program for The Palabras Project while awaiting the start of this past Sunday’s performance was the list of collaborating artists–36 in all–on top of the five featured master artists from the Twin Cities’ Latino/Chicano/Spanish communities.  The first names of the 36 ranged from Akiko to Odin; their last names, Cervantes to Rhomberg.

In their letter to patrons, Other Tiger’s co-founders, Jessica Huang and Ricardo Vazquez, claim to “work to bring artists and audiences together to celebrate a global theater experience.”  In turn, may they be embraced by a global-minded audience, right here in Minnesota.

Come support Other Tiger Productions and the numerous artists who have created The Palabras ProjectThree performances remain from July 15 to 17, including a free public reading of Lorca’s Blood Wedding in English on July 14 at 7:30 pm, at Park Square Theatre’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage.


Spanish Immersion: “The Palabras Project” Comes to Park Square


Imagine a world where anything is possible.  That’s what Ricardo Vazquez and Jessica Huang did.  Together they formed Other Tiger Productions, a new company bent on outside-the-box creativity to be able to make whatever it wants via theatre, film, movement, storytelling, visual arts–you name it–in the process, carving out opportunities to highlight multicultural talent that may otherwise remain hidden from a broader audience.  And they are doing it all on their own terms.  Good for them; great for us!

From July 8 to 17, Other Tiger will present its inaugural production, The Palabras Project, at Park Square Theatre’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage.  It is billed as “an immersive musical and theatrical experience featuring some of the Twin Cities’ top Latino talent,” involving several artistic forms of expression:  flamenco dance by Susana di Palma, hip-hop influenced Boricu music by Maria Isa, indigenous art by Armando Gutierrez G., masks and puppets by Gustavo Boada and storytelling by Dario Tangelson.

The idea for what ultimately became The Palabras Project evolved from Vazquez and Huang’s initial vision to create an outdoor festival centered around the words of legendary Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.  Years of visioning clarified and distilled the project into its current form, a production inspired by Lorca’s play Blood Wedding, a tale of star-crossed lovers caught in a generation-old feud, that will be a “complete sensory immersion” that weaves throughout the theatre.

Asked to describe how the performers will actually take over the theatre, Vazquez chuckled and revealed little:  “No one has adapted Blood Wedding in this way before.  The audience can come with that exciting question.  We shall surprise them.”


(Look forward to more in-depth blogs about The Palabras Project and Other Tiger Productions!)


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