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Jiffy Kunik: September Employee of the Month

Park Square’s Employee of the Month for September is none other than the indefatigable Jiffy Kunik!  Jiffy began her distinguished service at Park Square in 2014, working as an usher in the Education Department. She soon proved her worth and shot up the ladder to serve as a House Manager for the student matinees.


Before long, an opportunity arose at the theatre in the Finance Department, where Jiffy was able to shine in yet another role. Having personally worked with her for over a year, the one thing I can say is that Jiffy’s great talent is being able to dominate any challenge given to her. On countless occasions I have seen her turn around an otherwise hopeless situation, whether it concerned an upset patron or a new-hire trying to navigate the ticketing system. She just has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be okay, and that, I believe, is the mark of a great leader.


Her attention to detail, loyalty and deep commitment to Park Square is evident day in and day out. You’d be hard pressed to not find her around putting out some fire or another! Don’t worry, you’ll know it’s her from the smile she’s bound to be wearing.



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