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JUDY BARTLETT: January Audience Services Employee of the Month

Judy Bartlett at Park Square Theatre (Photo by Becky Walpole)

Judy Bartlett at Park Square Theatre
(Photo by Becky Walpole)

Mother. Grandmother. Volunteer. Teacher’s aide. Research assistant. Office manager. Legislative assistant. Political campaigner. Grant writer. Indispensable Park Square staff and supporter. These are only some of the roles that Judy Bartlett, our January Audience Services Employee of the Month, has played throughout her lifetime–roles that have honed and utilized her exceptional organizational and people skills from which all of us benefit.

Judy was first introduced to Park Square Theatre in the mid-1990s by a friend who’d recruited her to assist with a mass mailing. She’d continued to volunteer whenever needed, only to become, ten years later, the coordinator of this very group. It came to be called the Friday Morning Club when she streamlined their schedule to meet one or two Fridays per month to assemble mailings (anywhere between 500 to 1200 pieces!) for Development, Marketing and Education. Even now, Judy continues to be the Friday Morning Club Coordinator.

Judy Bartlett with the Friday Morning Club (Photo by Mackenzie Pitterle)

Judy Bartlett with members of the Friday Morning Club
(Photo by Mackenzie Pitterle)

Twice Judy has been hired onto the Park Square staff. In 2009, she was the interim Development Associate, a part-time position that stretched beyond the anticipated two months to a much longer three years.  Her varied tasks included coordinating meetings and events, handling donations, updating records and, most importantly, mastering the newly installed Total Info database, which tracks just about everything needed to run the theatre.

Since 2015, Judy has been on staff as the Usher Coordinator. As such, she oversees the recruitment, retention and scheduling of over 200 volunteer ushers. When she began her job, she had to learn to use a newly installed software program as well as manually input any missing usher volunteer information that had not successfully transferred from the old program. Then with her usual high attention to detail and warm personal touch, Judy further rolled up her sleeves to steadily strengthen and improve operations and, especially crucial to any volunteer program, establish herself as its dependable contact person for both volunteers and staff.

Not originally an avid theatre-goer, working at Park Square eventually, as Judy put it, “opened up theatre for me.” Now she is proud to be the first subscriber every season by filling out her form during the first season mailing. (Judy has even been known to see a favorite play up to three times!) And if you bump into her at a show, more likely than not, her daughter will be by her side. Theatre-going has become a terrific way to bond for this mother-daughter pair.

Beloved mother. Grandmother. Candy Crush aficionado. Loyal friend. Behind-the-scenes lifesaver. Change maker. Beautiful human being. Park Square Theatre is thrilled  for the opportunity to shine a spotlight on Judy Bartlett, January’s Audience Services Employee of the Month.

Judy Bartlett with Executive Director C. Michael-jon Pease (Photo by Mackenzie Pitterle)

Judy Bartlett with Executive Director C. Michael-jon Pease
(Photo by Mackenzie Pitterle)


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