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Park Square and SteppingStone Theatres’ response to the Atlanta shooting

Dear Friends,

Yet again, we are witnessing violence in our country, cities, communities, towards our friends and ourselves. Some are shocked, many are not, as fear and violence are daily realities.

Last week we witnessed a horrific hate-crime that took the lives of eight people in Atlanta —  six of them Asian American women. This targeted violence occurred amidst increasing threats and hate against the Asian American community.  Park Square and SteppingStone Theatres are grieving and longing for justice.

Less than a year after the murder of George Floyd, we find ourselves grappling with many of the same questions, now for our Asian American community: Why is the world still like this? How can we make it better for our children, neighbors, friends, and ourselves? How can we transform our history, riddled with racial oppression and exclusion, into a future where inclusion is embraced and differences are celebrated?

We don’t have the answers. As theatres, Park Square and SteppingStone are here to bear witness, to share stories that reveal harm, and to inspire us into a just future, joyfully celebrating the possibilities and promise in us all. As we work to share stories of our full community, in our realness, hurt, hope, and imperfect beauty, we have also compiled some resources to help create new narratives in real life.

Here are resources specifically designed for young people and for educators.

Here are resources for those in need of support and safety; and for people who want to learn more about issues of race and justice.

Here are some actions you can take right now to support our community.

We are all a critical part of writing our country’s new story and making our culture together. Your voice and action learning about and addressing stereotypes, bias, and hostility are the first step toward a better future. We need to push back against injustice, challenge the status quo of inequity, violence, and injustice, and generate optimism and fundamental change. What we do now, can create that change. Let’s grieve together, take care of one another, face discomfort, and make this injustice STOP.

Stay healthy, safe, and brave.

Park Square Theatre and SteppingStone Theatre for Youth


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