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About seven years ago, Park Square Theatre introduced its tagline, theatre for you. (yes you.).  However, on the first announcement of the 2016-2017 season was a different tagline, a season for us. (all of us.).  Was this to be Park Square Theatre’s new slogan?

According to Executive Director C. Michael-jon Pease, Park Square Theatre has not made an official switch, though we may see both in use throughout next season.  The original tagline was developed with the help of a branding company and involved rigorous testing with focus groups and audience surveys to ensure a good fit.  In contrast, a season for us (all of us.) was proposed by Artistic Director Richard Cook without pre-testing for public reaction.

Surprisingly, theatre for you. (yes you.) was initially unpopular with in-house staff when given a list of brainstormed options.  Yet, it was the one that they kept coming back to again and again as they whittled down their choices.   It defines Park Square Theatre’s belief that, without the audience’s presence, the show would merely be a rehearsal; the audience—you–reacting to the actors is what creates theatre.  Watching the play also becomes a personal journey, an individual experience of interpretation and discovery.

Although all the above is true, a season for us. (all of us.) denotes Park Square Theatre’s forward momentum to become ever more inclusive and expansive in its programming, certainly aided by the opening of the new Boss Thrust Stage and collaborations with diverse artists.  The tagline is a gentle reminder that what is on stage may be experienced simultaneously as specific yet also universal.  A play such as Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue that features a Puerto Rican family is a play for all of us, with its common theme on the tolls of war on a military family.  Love Person is a play that features a deaf character but is again for all of us, with its common themes on communication, connection, and finding love.

Both Pease and Cook plan on keeping Park Square Theatre relevant to its audiences.   To that end, they proclaim in an open letter to Park Square Patrons within the recent Sons of the Prophet program, “Park Square is New theatre for you. (yes you.).”  As ever, they welcome your feedback regarding its plays, programming, and, yes, taglines.

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Richard Cook, Artistic Director
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