Finding Your “Airness”

Ah, the beauty of theater camp.

After Friday night’s production — dealing with issues of privilege and parenting — we started our three play Saturday with Airness, a play by Chelsea Marcantel about air guitar competition.  The author is quoted in the program saying “People find out that air guitar exists and they’re like ‘Holy crap, you can do that?’ It’s a fun reminder that humans are endlessly inventive.”

Airness at the Humana Play Festival 2017

And fun and inventive it was. Characters included Shreddy Eddy, Golden Thunder, Cannibal Queen, D Vicious and Facebender (pictured), as well as the initially reluctant participant The Nina.

While our Park Square contingent seemed to agree that the author perhaps tried to include too many story lines (revenge for a broken heart, impressing a long lost daughter, the role of a public guardian in settling the affairs of people who die alone — and the role that air guitar might play in dealing with all these issues), we all agreed that we had a lot of fun watching these talented actors attempt to transcend everyday reality in their attempt to become rock stars.

The author intended her play to be about people who build each other up instead of tearing each other down — a reminder that you become the best version of yourself with the help of those around you. In that, I think she succeeded.


P.S. It didn’t hurt that, at the end, on this April Fool’s Day, we learned that the young man playing the amazingly and inventively clad competition announcer was actually the 2016 World Air Guitar Champion, and four time reigning Air Guitar Champion. His closing “concert” brought the audience to its feet.


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