Frequently Asked Questions

Students are $16 and chaperone tickets are free (one for every 20 students). If you want to bring additional chaperones or adults, their tickets are also $16.

There are three ways to order:

  1. You can request tickets online by filling out this order form
  2. You can send an email to us at
  3. You can call to reserve at 651-291-9196.

No, we will reserve your seats and set up a payment plan. Payment will be divided among two dates whenever possible.

  • Yes, you can. Give us the maximum number that you will need and we will hold them all for you until the first payment is due.
  • When you know you class size, let us know, so we can adjust your invoice before the final payment date.
  • The first payment we receive will guarantee all of your tickets until 4 weeks prior to the performance or until your final payment due date when a final number of tickets must be established and paid for.
  • You can adjust your number until the final payment, at which point any further adjustment is at the discretion of the education department.
  • Yes, please mention this when you call or email and we will try to work to accommodate all of your students the best we can.
  • We also recommend that you apply for a Target Field Trip Grant if you are attending after Jan 1. These grants are very easy to apply for and are for $700. Here is the link to their web page.
    Note: Applications are accepted starting August 1 and all grant apps are due by October 1.

Recommended grade levels are listed for each show on our website and post cards, but you know your students better than we do, so if you still have questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to talk out specific concerns with you, or even email you a PDF of the script to read.

  • Our study guides are created by teachers and contain classroom-ready activities and articles that you will be able to photo copy or project on a smart board and use immediately.
  • Guides contain Plot Summaries, Scenes to Read Aloud, vocabulary lists, timelines, on your feet activities, text analysis. Some also include articles about the social, historical, literary and cultural context for the play.
  • Yes, please make sure each student has a ticket in their hand before arriving at the theatre.
  • Most of our audiences contain 2-20 groups and we also sell tickets to individuals for daytime matiness, so it is vital that students sit in the seat especially reserved for them or your students could sit in someone else’s seat and have to move.
  • Additionally, having a reserved seat is part of our “Evening of Theatre during the Day” service. We want your students to have a professional, special experience no different from our evening patrons.

This may be difficult as we are in the heart of downtown St. Paul, and parking is limited, so buses will need to go across the river to find free parking.

  • The Proscenium Stage offers 10 wheelchair accessible seats, and the Andy Boss Thrust Stage can offer as many as 20.
  • We ask that you provide a rough estimate of how many students will need special accommodation as soon as you can so that we can make the appropriate preparations.
  • We offer a select number of performances with Open Captioning and, on a more limited basis, ASL interpretation. We will do our best accommodate your needs.
  • If you have students with light or sound sensitivity, the Proscenium offers an observation booth that can give them some separation from the action, and both theatres stream the production in the lobby so they can follow along until they feel up to returning to their seat.
  • There are 20 eating establishments with quick lunch options within a 1-7 minute walk of the theatre. See the list here.
  • We do not have a place to eat bagged lunches at the theatre, but recommend the Landmark Center if you chose that option. The details for Landmark reservations are on the lunch document above.
  • We are sorry, but this option will not work. The carpeting will not tolerate the mess and trash made by bag lunches. If you have a very high population of students who cannot afford the concessions, let us know and we can set up a table for your students to meet you during intermission to receive snacks from you… No bananas or sandwiches though please. These snacks need to be carried by school staff and can be stored in our coat check.
  • We can try to arrange for groups of 50 or fewer to eat in our Rehearsal Hall for $50 minimum or $2 per student. This can happen just before or just after the performance. This must be scheduled at least two weeks ahead of time.

About 1 city block. The students will cross St. Peter Street with the traffic signal. Our bus greeters appreciate your help guiding students across the street.

  • This happens and is usually not an issue. We won’t resell your seats, or stop you from going in after curtain (though we may ask you to wait for a break in the action).
  • We ask every teacher for a cell phone number and provide you with one for our staff as well. Late arrivals are the main reason for this.
  • If we know that you are running late and when you will arrive, we can gauge whether or not we can hold the show, and let the Front of House staff know when to expect you.

Just give us a call as soon as you realize and we can print you out a new batch of tickets. We will bring them out to your bus so you can hand them out as students exit the bus or as students enter the theatre.

We’re sorry, but we cannot offer refunds for unused tickets. We have very small houses and do not have a public rush daytime audience like larger theatres in Minneapolis, so we need to sell the whole show to pay the actors and financially operate.

Whenever a patron books a show with us, be it for 1 seat or 100, those seats are held for them, from that date and time. If they do not arrive, we are still holding those seats and will not resell them to others. Offering refunds or rescheduling for no-shows or sick students is simply not financially possible for us. Even if we know a week or more in advance as other schools need more lead time to plan.

We typically send out tickets after we receive final payment, but not more than a month before the performance date. If you have paid in full and your show day is less than two weeks away, please call 651.291.9196 or email us at and we will make sure the tickets get to you.


To ensure the health and safety of Park Square patrons and staff, the ticket office is temporarily closed for in-person and phone service.

Please email, or buy online anytime.

If you leave a message at 651.291.7005, please leave an email address where you can be reached.

Thanks, and stay well!

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