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EDUCATION MATINEE 2017-18 – A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun
Feb 14 – Mar 23, 2018

By Lorraine Hansberry; Directed by Warren C. Bowles

Recommended Grade Level: 8–12

The Setting: Washington Park Neighborhood; Chicago, Illinois; 1950s

Suggested Areas of Study and Discussion: American Drama and Literature; The Great Migration; Discriminatory Housing Practices; The American Dream; Institutional Racism in the 1950s and Today; American History; Comparative Study of Film and Drama; Lorraine Hansberry, Playwright

The Story: An African-American family struggles with poverty, racism, and inner conflict as they strive for a better way of life. Based on Hansberry’s family’s attempt to live in a wealthy white neighborhood in Chicago, A Raisin in the Sun is a deeply moving story about the Younger family, who, after the death of their husband and father, struggles to come to a consensus on how to spend the $10,000 life insurance his death will bring them. Each of the family members dreams of a new future that this money will provide. As they discuss who should decide and how the money should be used, the characters share the depth of their dreams and the heartbreak of their bitter desperation. The first play by a Black woman to be performed on Broadway, this historically significant literary work will illuminate and provoke discussion about current issues and policies that underlie and stem from institutional racism in America.

Performance Length: 2 ½ hours (Including Intermission)

Location: Park Square’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage

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