COVID-19 Information — FOR EDUCATORS

To our invaluable educators,

With the governor’s decision to close schools in order to prepare for online learning, Park Square Theatre is working to innovate and meet your curriculum needs. At this point we are assuming that you cannot attend and are not planning on resuming productions until schools reopen.

We are planning to film our productions of The Diary of Anne Frank and Romeo and Juliet in order for your students to view them remotely. We are also working to offer you interactive live discussions with the artists. Without the need to get back on a bus, we can extend these interactions well beyond what we could offer you in the theatre itself.

There is also availability later in the run for both productions if you would like to move your tickets. I understand that we do not yet know how long the school closure will last and what ability you will have for field trips when it ends, but it is an option while seats remain.

We can extend credit toward next year’s field trip. Both The Diary of Anne Frank and Romeo and Juliet return in Spring of 2021.

If you have not sent in payment for your show, we can simply cancel your order. If you have paid and cannot make any of the above options work, we will do our best to issue a refund as swiftly as possible.
Like all of us, Park Square is responding to this situation moment by moment and needing to pivot our plans on a daily basis. The theatre has already contracted and paid artists, built sets, and completed rehearsals for these shows in preparation for field trips that were to start this week.

Thank you for the work you are doing! We are moving forward as your partner in delivering inspiration and insight to your students — at the theatre or virtually.

Michael-jon Pease, Executive Director
Connor M McEvoy, Education Manager


The box office is currently closed. Please email with any questions.

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