Calendar Girls: Featuring Christina Baldwin

As part of our ongoing Meet the Cast of Calendar Girls Blog Series, let us introduce you to Christina Baldwin:


ROLE: Annie, 50s


Annie will join in mischief but is at heart more conformist and less confrontational than [her best friend] Chris.  After Chris has put a waiter’s back up in the restaurant, Annie will go in and pour calm.  The mischievousness Chris elicits saves Annie from being a saint.  She has enough edge to be interesting, and enough salt not to be too sweet.  Ideal car—who cares, as long as it’s reliable.  Ideal holiday—walking in English countryside.


Christina Baldwin, as Annie, is the emotional center of the play.  I love how authentic and vulnerable she is onstage, but she also has a deep strength.  She has a humor and twinkle about her that makes her not so much a victim, but someone you want to help.  She has a winning quality as an actor.


Annie’s part requires a vast emotional range.  What was your favorite scene to tackle and why?

Any of the scenes with all of the “calendar girls” en masse.  It is a special treat to be with so many talented women on stage all together— a rare treat in the theater. The challenge is letting the story be told and allowing the main story of the strong friendships be the cushion upon which the text sits.  Those unsaid moments, looks, exchanges are the virtuosity of the piece.  The audience must believe this is a tight group of friends.


Park Square Ragtime, Grey Gardens, Well 
Representative Theatre  Nautilus Music-Theatre: The Fantasticks; Ten Thousand Things: Dear World; The Moving Company: Liberty Falls 54321; Jungle Theater: In the Next Room; Guthrie Theater: Roman Holiday; Theatre de la Jeune Lune: Carmen; American Repertory Theater: Don Juan Giovanni, Figaro; Berkeley Repertory Theatre: Figaro 
I Am Not a Serial Killer; A Stray; Stay Then Go; MNOriginals (PBS); Great Performances HMS Pinafore (PBS); Jona/Tomberry; Beheaded; Flourtown 
Training M.M., Vocal Performance, University of Minnesota; B.M., Vocal Performance, Lawrence University
Awards City Pages Best Actress (2014), Ivey Award winner (2009), Star Tribune Artist of the Year Honorable Mention (2003)
Upcoming Projects Jungle Theater: The Oldest Boy; Guthrie Theater: REFUGIA (The Moving Company)


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