Calendar Girls: Featuring Charity Jones

As part of our ongoing Meet the Cast of Calendar Girls Blog Series, let us introduce you to Charity Jones:


ROLE:  Chris, 50s


You want Chris at your party.  She will talk to people she doesn’t know, find things to say to fill silences and generate laughter.  Part of this is because Chris is at home in crowds, holding court, being the centre of attention.  Without Chris in her life, [her best friend] Annie would be better behaved, her life less fun.  The two are like naughty schoolgirls.  Ideal car—who cares, as long as it’s a cabriolet.  Ideal holiday—Algarve.


Charity Jones is one of the most committed and technically and emotionally gifted actors that I have ever worked with.  She establishes the moment and refines it, but each time she performs the moment, it seems like the first time.


Chris is the rebel/ringleader on the group.  I admired that she is a woman of action.  Of course, she also has her flaws.  What was the most difficult part of playing her?

In the words of the playwright, Tim Firth, “Chris is at home in crowds, holding court, being the centre of attention.”  Yikes!  Chris and I are polar opposites!  So I worry a lot that I won’t be believable as the life of the party.  Fortunately, my stellar cast mates really help me sell it by behaving as if my Chris is the most hilarious, magnetic presence in the room.


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