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Calendar Girls: Featuring Bill McCallum

As part of our ongoing Meet the Cast of Calendar Girls Blog Series, let us introduce you to Bill McCallum:


ROLE:  Rod, 50s


You have to be a certain kind of guy to stick with Chris [his wife] and Rod loves it.  He can give back what he gets, and has a deadpan humor which has always made Chris laugh.  He drinks a lot but never so much as to have a problem.  He would work every hour to make his shop a success.  And John [see blog featuring John Middleton] was his mate, even though the relationship was originally channeled through their wives.


Bill McCallum has great dramatic instincts but also makes a strong impression quickly.  He represents John’s cadre of male friends so needs to carry an easy masculinity as a counterpoint to the women.  I loved the chemistry between Bill and Charity Jones as a couple on stage.


To me, Rod seems to be a sensitive man who is comfortable in his own skin as well as the life-of-the-party type, especially when with his wife Chris.  How do you view him and try to play him?

Whenever I play a supporting role like this, I try to figure out what I need to do to contribute to the story and to help the folks who are carrying the show (in this case, the Calendar Girls, especially Chris and Annie).  Which means that Rod needs to be kind, present, supportive of his wife and alive (in contrast to John, who is dead).  I don’t think he’s particularly fun or outgoing because that is the role Chris plays in the relationship, but I think you’re right that he is sensitive and comfortable in his own skin.


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Representative Theatre (as Actor) Guthrie Theater: Over 40 productions since 1996; History Theatre: Civil Ceremony; American Players Theater: 7-Season Company Member; Dark & Stormy Productions (Associate Artistic Director 2012-2014): Speed-the-Plow, The Receptionist, The Hothouse; (as Director) The Comedian’s Tragedy; Dark & Stormy Productions: The Drunken City; New Group Productions: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like it 
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