The Other Place | Apr 3 – 19, 2015

The Other Place  |  Apr 3 – 19, 2015

By Sharr White; Directed by Aditi Kapil
Boss Stage

Juliana Smithton is a successful neuroscientist. While she is on the brink of a breakthrough in her field, the rest of her life seems to be unraveling. Her husband has filed for divorce, her daughter has eloped and her health is in danger. But in this highly acclaimed, haunting new play, things are not always as they seem. Past collides with present, fact blurs with fiction, and each character’s reality boils to the surface as this captivating story unfolds.

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Aditi Kapil – Director
C Andrew Mayer – Sound Designer
Michael P. Kittel – Lighting Designer
Kristin Ellert – Scenic & Projection Designer
Kathy Kohl – Costume Designer
Sadie Ward – Properties Designer
Megan Fae Dougherty* – Stage Manager

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association

Park Square wants your theatergoing experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Following is a list of content within The Other Place that may be of concern to some members of our audience. Please understand that some information may give away surprises within the story. The information is provided to help you make informed decisions. Keep in mind that the language and themes outlined below, taken out of context, may seem more offensive than they would be within the context of the actual play. If you have any questions about the play’s content, please contact Michael-jon Pease, 651.767.8497 or

The Other Place is suitable for adults and older teenagers. It contains adult language and mature themes.

While presenting her groundbreaking research to colleagues, Juliana, a pharmaceutical rep and former neuroscientist. begins to have a breakdown. At first she thinks that brain cancer is causing her lapses in memory and her incoherence, but her doctor suspects dementia. She has separated from her husband, Ian, who was also her oncologist when cancer was suspected. Ian grows concerned with Juliana’s condition as she insists their daughter, who has been estranged for decades, has come back into her life. As Juliana spirals deeper into dementia, she seeks to repair her relationship with her daughter and maintain her elusive grip on reality.

Adult Language
The Other Place contains adult language. This includes f*ck (22 times), h*ll (once), sh*t (3 times), d*ck (twice), c*ck and pr*ck (once each), g*dd*amn (twice), and an expression taking Jesus Christ’s name in vain.

One scene takes place immediately following a physical altercation between mother and daughter, but the violence is not shown in the play.

There is cigarette smoking and light alcohol drinking on stage; there are passing references to drinking heavily as a coping mechanism.

Sexual References/Nudity
Characters reference recent sexual relations. The question of marital infidelity is raised, and sexual acts are referenced.

Other Mature Themes
The play includes frank discussions of living with and dying from cancer and dementia, including descriptions and portrayals of behavior of people suffering from dementia. There is one description of a 19th-century execution by amputation. Suicide is referenced once. The play features a couple who discuss their relationship after their divorce. Eating as an emotional coping mechanism is also referenced. There are two references to prostitution (not involving the characters). It is revealed that suicide claimed the life of one character and potentially another. Statutory rape is referenced, and a teenager’s running away and/or is a plot point.

Running Time (subject to change)
Ninety minutes with no intermission.

This show’s run has concluded.

Fostering Voice Performance and Fundraiser
Sunday, April 12

Silent Auction opens at 5:00pm
Performance starts at 5:30pm

Park Square Theatre’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage  
Lower Level of the Historic Hamm Building
408 St. Peter Street, Downtown Saint Paul  

Performance Cost: $10
You may pre-order tickets at 651-226-6594  (tickets also available at the door)
Complimentary On-Site Childcare with RSVP by April 7th, at 651-226-6594

Park Square is proud to partner with the Irreducible Grace Foundation in the launch of “Fostering Voice,” an original performance and workshop developed with vulnerable youth as a way to share their lived experiences and thoughts on bettering our community systems.

Park Square Artistic Associate James A. Williams hosts the hour-long event Sunday, April 12 on the Andy Boss Thrust Stage at Park Square Theatre. Join us at 5:30pm for a theatrical experience featuring the voices and untold stories of vulnerable youth who have overcome homelessness, being in foster care, and other life challenges. Witness their resilience and learn what you can do to support them!

“Fostering Voice” is part of our effort to make Park Square accessible and inviting to a wide range of artists and audiences.  James is an active supporter, mentor and teacher to these young artists. They have decided to build their Park Square event into an educational/fundraising event for their on-going efforts. Tickets are $10 and may be requested in advance at 651-226-6594 and will also be available at the door.

About Irreducible Grace Foundation:
IGF began in 2012 by secondary educators in Saint Paul who saw first hand the hardships of vulnerable youth and recognized that education alone was not going to remediate their needs. The organizational name comes from the inspiration shared by a little girl, who during her first two and half years of life experienced severe neglect and was placed in foster care, yet she came out of the system possessing an ability to love beyond her small frame. Irreducible Grace Foundation has received a $5,000 grant from Travelers for “Fostering Voice.” Learn more about the Irreducible Grace Foundation at




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