Shooting Star | March 27 – April 19,2015

Shooting Star | March 27 – April 19, 2015

By Steven Dietz; Directed by Leah Cooper
Proscenium Stage

It’s a small world after all. Snowed in overnight, college lovers Elena and Reed have an unexpected reunion in a crowded airport. She’s stayed true to their old hippie life, but he’s gone conservative – complete with middle management, wife and daughter. As the blizzard swirls, and Elena and Reed laugh, chat and drink the night away, they revisit a past that holds more surprises than they imagined and face a future neither dare predict. “…A quick and sharp play about our lives, one that gives us all the fun and all the tears of our times.” —NPR



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Leah Cooper – Director
Michael P. Kittel – Lighting Designer
Kit Mayer – Set Designer
Mary Beth Gagner – Costume Designer
Anita Kelling – Sound Designer
Wayne Hendricks* – Stage Manager

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association

Park Square wants your theatergoing experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Following is a list of content within Shooting Star  that may be of concern to some members of our audience. Please understand that some information may give away surprises within the story. The information is provided to help you make informed decisions. Keep in mind that the language and themes outlined below, taken out of context, may seem more offensive than they would be within the context of the actual play. If you have any questions about the play’s content, please contact Michael-jon Pease, executive director, at 651.767.8497 or

Shooting Star is suitable for adults and older teenagers. It contains adult language and mature themes.

In their freewheeling college days in 1970s Madison, Reed and Elena were lovers. Decades later, a blizzard shuts down an airport, where the two have a chance meeting for the first time since their separation. Reed has gotten married, had a kid, become more conservative, gotten a job in middle management. Elena, on the other hand, has continued the hippie ways she shared with Reed all those years ago. As they pass time waiting for their flights to be rescheduled, Elena is frustrated with Reed’s newfound conservatism, and Reed is frustrated with what he assesses as Elena’s immature lifestyle. Yet they find comfort in their meeting, as Reed reveals the troubles with his marriage and Elena her disappointment in life. Passion rekindles before both realize that life — and love — keeps moving.

Adult Language
Shooting Star contains adult language, including one use each of f*ck, d*mn, god*mnit, *ss, and one use each of Jesus’s name taken in vain.


There are references to heavy drinking and pot-smoking in the characters’ past. They share drinks onstage.

Sexual References/Nudity
Characters reference an open relationship from the past and kiss onstage.

Other Mature Themes
Characters discuss adultery, adoption, and an abortion that took place decades ago.

Running Time (subject to change)
Ninety minutes with no intermission.

This show’s run has concluded.



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