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Individual Support

SallyWingert&LindaKelseyOur performances and education programs depend upon the generosity of people like you. Your gift enables Park Square to continue to serve over 35,000 students annually and provide excellent theatre to the community.

Photo: Park Square producers go behind the scenes with leading artists like Sally Wingert and Linda Kelsey
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Become a Park Square Producer and Help Bring New Works to the Life

Your investment helps us stretch artistically, take risks and produce new work. And you’ll meet some really great people along the way. Become a Producer in one of the following ways…

Put your name on a show:
  • Extraordinary individual gifts earn special recognition.
  • Underwrite an artist, a role, set design, costume design or a student matinee ($5,000+)
  • Commission or become the title sponsor for a production ($10,000–$25,000)
Join one of our Producers Clubs:

Each performance you see is the culmination of months of work by local artists. More often, it is also the result of special annual support by the members of one of our producing clubs. Together, they invest to get our shows up and running.

Members of the producing clubs get to touch their show at different points during its development, meet the writer, director, cast and designers — and get to know each other. They sit in on readings and rehearsals, learn the back story, the challenges and happy opportunities. They see the work evolve from page to stage. And for those who like parties, there are plenty of those!

Current Clubs Include:

Mystery Writers Producers’ Club
Providing dedicated support for the 2015-2016 season mystery Murder for Two.

Premiere Club
Bringing new works and new writers to our stage from the latest successes at national new play festivals to world premieres by local artists.

Future Audiences Club
Subsidizing performances for students, from literary classics to new work rich in social and educational content.

For more information, please contact Michael-jon Pease at 651.767.8497 or

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