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To help us keep your Park Square Theatre bio and head shot current,
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  • Please list your Park Square productions (up to six plays, most recent first, no roles are listed; please enter “Debut” if this is your first Park Square production).
  • Please list Representative Theatre productions (maximum of six theatres, one play per theatre, no roles are listed.) PLEASE USE THIS FORMAT: Theatre Name: Play Title; Theatre Name: Play Title; etc.
  • For TV, in addition to show title, please specify network if possible.
  • List degree first, followed by program and name of school. EXAMPLE: B.A., Theatre Arts, University of Minnesota
  • Maximum three; “Other” category could include previous career-related projects/positions that don’t fall into the "Representative Theatre” or “Training" categories.
  • List up to three, maximum.
  • Attach a JPG file of your headshot. Maximum file size: 2MB.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.


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