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Theatres in Residence

Park Square Seeks Resident Theatre Partners

Is your company interested in becoming a member of the 2nd generation of Park Square’s Theatres in Residence program?
Park Square is seeking to work with 1-3 companies, beginning with the 2017-2018 season.

We need partners who:

  • Can produce one full production per year, for at least 2 consecutive seasons, as part of Park Square’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage subscription season
  • Have a track record of successful producing for a loyal audience
  • Have plans and ambitions for continued programming and the ability to program ahead (18-24+ months out)
  • Are willing to collaborate with Park Square and other Partners to coordinate programming, scheduling and marketing

Park Square’s contribution to the partnership includes:

  • Use of the Andy Boss Thrust Stage for tech/dress and performances
  • Ticketing, sales and house management
  • Direct marketing and promotion as part of the Theatre’s subscription series
  • Collaboration for joint/shared marketing and the potential for joint fundraising

To be considered for 2017-2018, please submit your expression of interest to Richard Cook ( no later than November 1, 2016.


We are delighted to have three current partners as part of our Theatres in Residence program on the Andy Boss Thrust Stage:
Sandbox Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata and Girl Friday Productions.

These partners have emerged from the vibrant local scene as theatres to watch. They will bring diverse aesthetic approaches and artistic forms, fresh talent as well as favorite faces to our seasons over three years.

Park Square started as a proud member of the Twin Cities flourishing small theater scene. Now we “pay it forward” by sharing the exciting new Andy Boss Thrust Stage with the next generation of ambitious producers.

Behind the scenes, all four organizations will learn from each other in a spirit of joint mentorship and peer exchange. Together with you (yes you) we intend to explode. Don’t miss the pyrotechnics…

Theatre Pro Rata

Pro Rata is a nonprofit professional theater company whose mission is to create theatre where audience and artists share passion for the play.

We translate the playwright’s vision in every production. We look for stories that speak to a darker and deeper truth about who we are. We work outside the realm of genre in order to realize our stories.

We choose scripts that have a societal, political, moral, or ethical underpinning. We give the audience something to take away and artists to sink their teeth into. We produce every show to the best of our abilities within our means.

We want you to love the play as much as we do.

This season, Theatre Pro Rata brings Up: The Man in the Flying Chair to the Andy Boss Thrust Stage.

Sandbox Theatre

Sandbox Theatre is driven by the collaborative spirit to create new and newly-imagined performance artworks, and to foster the development of artists.

The continued pursuit of theatrical innovation through ensemble creation ensures that artists and audiences are pushing themselves to be better and to know more. Sandbox’s mission to foster the development of artists celebrates the individual’s abilities while asking them to take on new challenges, wear new hats, learn new skills.

This season, Sandbox Theatre brings its world premiere creation Big Money to the Andy Boss Thrust Stage.

Girl Friday Productions

Girl Friday Productions’ mission is to nurture artists, inspire audiences and illuminate the human condition.

The little company that does big plays, Girl Friday Productions creates bold theatre, focusing on larger scale American plays of exceptional literary merit that are less frequently produced today. Girl Friday chooses not to do a multi-play season but to rather focus on a singular major project every other year. This approach maximizes efforts to work with challenging texts, large and skilled ensemble casts, and distinguished directors and designers.

Girl Friday seeks out plays that embody great literature, humanity, relevance and stimulating theatricality.

This season, Girl Friday Productions brings Idiot’s Delight the Andy Boss Thrust Stage.

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