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Joseph Kellen

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Describe your experience as an ambassador?

The Theatre Ambassadors program was a three-dimensional experience in learning and advocating the notion that the world of theatre is never one thing. By interpreting theatre from many perspectives–whether they were those of actors, directors, technicians, or others–I developed a mature understanding of how this scene lives and breathes as a collective. Each sector of the community works to create a cumulative whole, and being exposed to this at a young age has prepared me to enter the Twin Cities theatre world from an educated and invigorated place. I had the good fortune of making connections not only with fantastic local artists and facilitators, but with the next generation of performers and creators. Being around people my own age with such passion was truly inspiring, and the conversations we shared were stimulating and paradigm-shifting. Ultimately, the Ambassadorial experience can’t be given justice in a paragraph, but I can offer this: being a part of the inaugural year of this Park Square program changed not only how I perceive the arts, but how I interpret the world around me.

Tell me a time that you felt proud to be a part of Park Square. Describe how you got to that moment?

A few weeks ago, I sat down to watch the first public performance of RED at the Park Square. I had spent months this summer preparing study guide material for this show, helping the marketing department hold an event for it and getting lost within its complexities and challenges as a play and as the season opener. RED had become a daily part of conversation and continued to resonate with me even after I had completed the work I had done with the piece. So, needless to say, I couldn’t believe my eyes as they took in the pure magic of the production. I was impossibly engaged and felt the energy created in the theatre that night was, in a word, ineffable. The power and beauty RED brought to the stage made me feel incredibly proud to be a part of the Park Square community, and I know I’ll be continually excited and satisfied with the future projects they complete.


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